Western Drug Trials in Ukraine: Bioweapon Research in Bed With ‘Big Pharma, Vaccines and Military’

Biohazard chemical cabinet

Western pharmaceutical companies used psychiatric ward patients in Mariupol as test subjects in drug trials while the city was under Kiev’s jurisdiction, according to a trove of documents discovered in the basement of one of the city hospitals.The papers show that even children from one to eleven years old were used as guinea pigs in those experiments, according to the documents discovered in the basement of hospital No. 7 in Mariupol by construction workers.These drug trials were performed when Mariupol, a city with over 400,000 residents, was “under Ukrainian, meaning NATO control,” which “offered a concentration of hospitals, laboratories and convenient regional flight connections, to more easily coordinate the West’s bioweapon programs across Europe,” said Jeff J. Brown, co-founder and curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the author of The China Trilogy.

“What the public fails to understand is that the West’s bioweapon development and use around the world are intimately interconnected with Big Pharma, vaccines and the military. Since 2005, Ukraine has become a hub for these four facets to merge, as they already did/do with the US’ existing 300+ bioweapon labs on every continent except Antarctica,” Brown told Sputnik. “If you are heavily involved in making bioweapons to exterminate millions of your perceived enemies, then using hapless local citizens as guinea pigs to test them and experimental drugs is perfectly alright.”

These revelations, however, are “old news,” said Brown who pointed out that he and James Bradley reported this back in May 2022 “thanks to the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops” who uncovered evidence of US-backed biolab activities in Ukraine.

“Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were in the US Senate from 2005 to 2008. Together, they pushed to develop bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine for the benefit of the Democratic Party and its supporters,” he said.

While conducting this kind of research “violates all ten of the clauses in the 1947 Nuremberg Code,” it “has not and is not stopping the West from violating them with its global bioweapon-Big Pharma-vaccine-military operations,” Brown remarked.“The West has been committing bioweapon-Big Pharma-vaccine-military crimes against humanity since the end of WWII and continues to do so with impunity. Nothing will happen to these actors until the collapse of the West, when the global majority can finally have truth and reconciliation tribunals and a Nuremberg 2.0,” he argued.MilitaryRussia’s Revelations on Ukraine Biolabs Force US to Curtail Global Biowarfare Research13 November 2023, 14:01 GMTFollowing the destruction of the USSR, Ukraine “has become ground central for the West’s global crime cartels,” with “organ harvesting, arms and child/human trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, torture, illegal drug experiments and [neo-]Nazism” flourishing in the country, Brown surmised.“They are all part of a seamless whole and with Ukraine being one of the most corrupt places on earth, there is plenty of local collusion,” he added.


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