US Journalist Hinkle Says US Has ‘Zero’ Free Speech, Issue May Become Larger

The US Congress building at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — US journalist and political commentator Jackson Hinkle told Sputnik that blocking of his accounts on Youtube and WhatsApp, as well as Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Meta, banned in Russia for extremism) signals that there is «zero free speech» in the United States, adding that this could result in larger issues. «Yes, they are private companies, but this is all happening at the direct discretion and, you know, with the orders of the US State Department, the federal government, which just goes to show that there is absolutely zero free speech in America, which is another troubling division that I think a lot of people in the West are facing with the elites in their countries that could result in larger issues,» Hinkle said in an interview. The journalist said he was even unable to use marketplaces for selling his products and almost all dating apps. At the same time, Hinkle announced that he would launch a new show in the near future that would be broadcast on Russian and Chinese social media, without specifying the details. «Very soon I am going to be launching a new show. And we are going to be on, you know, Russian social media. We are already on Chinese social media, but we are going to be increasing the amount of work we are doing there and then Twitter as well,» he said. AmericasIn US Media We (Don’t) Trust: Over 80% of Americans Have Lost Faith in Corporate Press2 May, 19:00 GMTHinkle assumed there was «zero chance» of getting his social media accounts back.The US political commentator also said that major US media ignored the United Nations’ briefing on a recent Donbas trip of US rights and political experts.»You may have seen at the United Nations events, most of the mainstream media journalists did not even show up. It was supposed to be this big event. And, fortunately, we had some Middle Eastern journalists. I think we had some African journalists, Russian journalists. But the mainstream media in the West does not care to report on what’s actually happening, despite the fact that we had American eyewitnesses documenting the grave risk that Ukraine is posing,» Hinkle said.The Western media would have to admit they were «lying for the past two years» if they chose to highlight any of the things reflected in the materials published by the US experts after their Donbas trip, he added.


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