UN Sanctions Against N. Korea Review Should Come Without Preconditions — Moscow

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The process of review of United Nations sanctions against North Korea should not be linked to putting forth some preconditions before Pyongyang, Pyotr Ilyichev, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of International Organizations, told Sputnik. «In a political sense, loosening the sanctions shackles would help revive the atmosphere of trust, which has been undermined by a long period of ever-increasing pressure, and would give diplomacy a real chance. At the same time, putting forth new conditions will only push Pyongyang away, where they remember well the dishonest game of the Americans behind the fog of words not backed by clear guarantees,» Ilyichev said. AsiaNorth Korea Accuses US, Japan, South Korea of Creating ‘Asian Version of NATO’30 June, 10:10 GMTThe Russian diplomat added that lifting some economic sanctions imposed on North Korea «would give an impetus to the development of the national economy of North Korea, enrich the country’s foreign ties with new useful content, and improve the welfare of its citizens.»


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