Turkey Day Gaffes

The Very Confused Biden

The ceremony of pardoning turkeys before Thanksgiving by a US President was formalized by George H. W. Bush and has been carried on by every subsequent president. The US Department of Agriculture estimates that more than 46 million turkeys will be consumed in the US on Thanksgiving.US President Joe Biden, 81, appeared to mix up pop stars Taylor Swift and Britney Spears on Monday while attempting to make a joke during the turkey “pardoning” tradition ahead of the American holiday Thanksgiving.“You could say, even, this is harder than getting a ticket to the Renaissance tour or, or, or Britney’s tour,» Biden said. «She’s down in, it’s kinda warm in Brazil right now.”Taylor Swift, one of the biggest pop star in the world right now, is currently in Brazil where a heatwave has delayed some shows and resulted in the death of one fan. Britney Spears, who released her first album in 1999, while she has received renewed attention due to a legal battle over a protracted conservatorship and a recently released tell-all book, is not currently touring.

Swift’s current run of shows has been named the “Eras Tour.” Beyoncé concluded her Renaissance tour last month, likely adding to the geriatric president’s confusion.

AmericasBiden Confuses Taylor Swift With Britney Spears in Joke Attempt During Turkey Pardon21 November 2023, 03:16 GMTAnother massive pop star, Cardi B, revealed in a social media post that she will not support Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, complaining about the administration’s support of Ukraine and Israel while domestic issues persist. Cardi B vocally supported Biden’s 2020 campaign.Biden’s age and visible physical frailty have concerned many voters, with recent polling showing that the majority of Americans think he is too old to serve another term as president. Another recent poll showed that Biden’s approval rating has shrunk to 40%, the lowest of his presidency.The largest drop was among 18-34-year-olds, with the vast majority of them –70%– disapproving of the administration’s support for Israel.


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