Israel’s Strike on School in Gaza Attempt to Sabotage Ceasefire Talks, Turkiye Says

Palestinians look at the destruction after an Israeli strike where displaced people were staying in Rafah, Gaza Strip, Monday, May 27, 2024

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Turkish Foreign Ministry has condemned an Israeli strike on a school in the Gaza Strip’s Khan Yunis city and called it an attempt by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to sabotage ceasefire negotiations. Gaza’s government said on Tuesday that 29 people were killed in an Israeli strike near a school entrance in Khan Yunis. «We condemn Israel’s massacre of dozens of innocent civilians at a school where Palestinians were taking shelter in Khan Younis, Gaza. The mass graves unearthed in Khan Younis and the targeting of four schools there in the last four days are evidence of Israel’s goal of total annihilation of the Palestinian people. These attacks have also shown that the Netanyahu Government aims to sabotage the ceasefire negotiations,» the Turkish ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. The ministry added that Israeli authorities «will be held accountable before the law for their actions, which defy all values of humanity and international law.» WorldFamine Has Hit All of Gaza, Ten UN Experts Say01:04 GMTOn October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a large-scale rocket attack against Israel and breached the border, attacking both civilian neighborhoods and military bases. Nearly 1,200 people in Israel were killed and some 240 others abducted during the attack. Israel launched retaliatory strikes, ordered a complete blockade of Gaza, and started a ground incursion into the Palestinian enclave with the declared goal of eliminating Hamas fighters and rescuing the hostages. As many as 120 hostages are believed to be still held by Hamas in Gaza and 43 hostages died in captivity. More than 38,100 people have been killed and over 87,900 others have been wounded in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s military operations, Gaza authorities said.


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