FSB Prevents Ukrainian Terrorist Attack on Russian Aircraft Carrier

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Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Wednesday that it had foiled an attempt by Ukrainian special services to carry out a terrorist attack on Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov.»The Russian Federal Security Service has stopped attempts by Ukrainian special services to commit terrorist attacks on the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the city of Murmansk,» the statement read.In March 2024, a Russian citizen undergoing military service on the aircraft carrier was contacted via Internet messengers by an employee of the special services of UkraineIn the course of telephone conversations, he used psychological influence techniques: he promised to ensure travel abroad on false documents and payment of a large reward, and threatened to bring him to criminal responsibility for financing the armed forces of Ukraine on fabricated grounds, thereby inducing the serviceman to commit a terrorist act on the warship.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineCrimea ATACMS Strike Terrorism, ‘Act of War’ by US Against Russian Civilians — Kennedy Jr27 June, 03:46 GMTAfter the officer’s appeal to the security authorities, under their full control, further measures were taken within the framework of the operation to document the illegal activities of the Ukrainian and identify possible agents and accomplices of Kiev.

FSB Prevents Attempt of Ukrainian Special Services to Blow Up Three High-Ranking Russian Servicemen in Moscow

The Russian Federal Security Service said that it had prevented an attempt by the Ukrainian special services to blow up three high-ranking Russian servicepeople in Moscow.»The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has stopped attempts by Ukrainian special services to commit terrorist attacks … against three high-ranking military personnel of the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow,» the statement read.A Russian citizen, born in 1994, was detained for organizing the delivery of three high-power explosive devices disguised in gift packaging to the addresses of the heads of departments of the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow at the instructions of the military intelligence of Ukraine, the FSB said.»The explosive devices had to be activated after the couriers’ reports on the delivery of parcels to the addressees,» the FSB added.WorldRussia FSB: West Tries to Gain Foothold in Central Asia by Putting Pressure on CIS States24 May, 05:36 GMTA criminal case on attempted terrorist attack and illegal trafficking of explosives and explosive devices charges has been initiated and is being investigated by the Russian Investigative Committee.


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