Chinese, UAE Air Forces Conducting Joint Exercise in China’s Xinjiang

Chinese Air Force personnel stand in front of a Chinese-made J-10 jet fighter.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The air forces of China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are carrying out a joint military exercise in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region from late June through late July, the Chinese Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. «According to the annual plan and the consensus reached by China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Falcon Shield-2024 joint training exercise between the Chinese and UAE air forces are ongoing in China’s Xinjiang from late June to late July,» the ministry said in a statement on the website. The defense ministry said it is the second joint exercise between the Chinese and UAE air forces, adding that it is aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and trust, deepening exchanges, improving strategic cooperation and achieving common goals and expectations. AsiaChina Starts Military Drills Around Taiwan as ‘Warning’ to Meddling ‘External Forces’23 May, 06:05 GMTBeijing and Abu Dhabi held the first Falcon Shield exercise in Xinjiang in 2023.


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