Central African Army Aided by Russian Forces Repels Sudanese Militant Attack — Reports

Soldiers from the Central African armed forces are seen during the military parade held to celebrate the 64th anniversary of Central African Republic independence, in Bangui, on 1 December 2022.

The UN Security Council was earlier notified of the Russian instructors being deployed to the Central African Republic with the aim of training the country’s army soldiers. The army of the Central African Republic (CAR), supported by Russian forces, has repelled an attack by militants from Sudan, the Russian Embassy in Bangui told Sputnik.

"The embassy is confirms this information," the diplomatic mission pointed out.

Earlier on Sunday, these developments were also reported by local media, with the radio station Lengo Songo saying that the events took place near a mining site in the village of Mamoun in the CAR’s north.According to Lengo Songo, when repelling the attack, CAR servicemen killed one of the leaders of the Coalition of Patriots for Change group, Mohamed Ali, nicknamed B-13.Former Russian ambassador to Bangu Vladimir Titorenko earlier stated that there are Russian instructors in the CAR who are training the African nation’s military personnel.The Russian instructors were deployed in the CAR in line with the notification of the UN Security Council and the sanctions committee. In late June 2023, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that the work of the Russian instructors in the CAR would continue.


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